I like to see the flowers grow,

To see the pansies in a row;

I think a well-kept garden’s fine,

And wish that such a one were mine;

But one can’t have a stock of flowers

Unless he digs for hours.

My ground is always bleak and bare;

The roses do not flourish there.

And where I once sowed poppy seeds

Is now a tangled mass of weeds.

I’m fond of flowers, but admit,

For digging I don’t care a bit.

I envy men whose yards are gay,

But never work as hard as they;

I also envy men who own

More wealth than I have ever known.

I’m like a lot of men who yearn

For joys they refuse to earn.

You cannot have the joys of work

And take the comforts of a shirk.

I find the man I envy most

Is he who’s longest at his post.

I could have gold and roses, too,

If I would work like those who do.


My name is Peanut

And I am a mutt

That is that!!!

Some think I am a rat

Or even worse they call me a freak

But my parents told I am unique

It is just I was born mixed

By the way I am also fixed

I may look a little different

But I take it as a compliment

People are so ignorant!!!

I am very well behaved

My long hair can be shaved

I would love to be saved

From this place where I am chased

If you fall in love with me

You will not regret it, I guarantee

Please consider it

I am very sweet

Thank you from me, Peanut

The mutt