At the bottom of my garden

There’s a hedgehog and a frog

And a lot of creepy-crawlies

Living underneath a log,

There’s a baby daddy long legs

And an easy-going snail

And a family of woodlice

All are on my nature trail.


There are caterpillars waiting

For their time to come to fly,

There are worms turning the hearth over

As ladybirds fly by,

Birds will visit, cats will visit

But they always chose their time

And I’ve even seen a fox visit

This wild garden of mine.


Squirrels come to nick my nuts

And busy bees come buzzing

And when the night time come buzzing

And when the night time comes

Sometimes some dragonflies come humming,

My garden mice are very shy

And I’ve seen bats that growl

And in my garden I have seen

A very wise old owl.


My garden is a lovely place

There’s always something happening,

There’s this constant search for food

And then there’s all flowering,

When you have a garden

You will never be alone

And I believe we all deserve

A garden of our own.