pet shop6

Peek – a – boo

I see you

One, two, three

Do you see me?

And also four

I can’t take anymore!

Five, six, seven

I am not in heaven

Eight, nine, ten

This is a doggy pen

Eleven, twelve, thirteen

In dog years I am a teen

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

Some puppies here can be mean!

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen

It is enough what I have seen

Twenty, twenty one, twenty two

Don’t know what to do

Twenty tree, twenty four, twenty five

Hoping for a better life

Twenty six, twenty seven,twenty eight

You can save me, it is not too late

And by this change my fate!!!

Now you know what is it about

But by now I lost my count…..

Peek -a- boo, my name is Lou….