This time watching the sunset, I closed my eyes and found myself in…France:

And went into a trance

Thought “bonne chance”

A capital Paris

Bien sur, oui, oui

Floating on the Seine

Avec petit chien

Wearing a beret

Moi, je ne pas regret

Sharing a baguette

With Fido, my pet

Eating a croissant

Was really fun

Saying “merci Madam”

Passing by Notre Dame

Les Garden Luxembourg, Versailles

I started to feel high

On La Tour Eiffel

Someone referred to me as “Mademoiselle”

When I got to Le Musee du Louvre

The sun was still moving

And by Le Pantheon

The sun was gone

Opened my eyes, said au revoir

Could not believe my mind took me so far…