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They met on the beach

There was no speech

The water was blue

The rose was red

The seagulls flew

But their love was dead

The ocean was cold

Their feelings untold

Too late for the flower

It lost its power

She threw it on the rock

He was in shock

And it fell on the sand

Like love:

The waves came and went

Both knew it was the end

All that was left was the flower’s scent



How delicious is the winning

Of a kiss at love’s beginning,

When two mutual hearts are sighing

For the knot there’s no untying.


Yet remember, midst your wooing,

Love has bliss, but love has ruing;

Other smiles may make you fickle,

Tears for other charms may trickle.


Love he comes, and love he tarries,

Just as fate or fancy carries,-

Longest stays when sorest chidden,

Laughs and flies when pressed and bidden.


Bind the sea to slumber stilly,

Bend its odor to the lily,

Bind the aspen ne’er to quiver,-

Then bind love to last forever!


Love is a fire that needs renewal

Of fresh beauty for its fuel;

Love’s wing moults when caged and captured,-

Only free he soars enraptured.


Can you keep the bee from ranging,

Or the ring-dove’s neck from changing?

No! nor fettered love from dying

In the knot there’s no untying.







O beauty, passing beauty! Sweetest sweet!

How can thou let me waste my youth in sighs?

I only ask to sit beside thy feet.

Thou knowest I dare not look into thine eyes.

Might I but kiss thy hand! I dare not fold

My arms about thee–scarcely dare to speak.

And nothing seems to me so wild and bold,

As with one kiss to touch thy blessed cheek.

Methinks if I should kiss thee, no control

With the thrilling brain could keep afloat

The subtle spirit. Even while I spoke,

The bare word “kiss” hath made my inner soul

To tremble like a lute string, ere the note

Hath melted in silence that broke.