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Are not, beyond measure and count,

So hard in the snows my ways?

Aren’t gray empty spaces around?

Isn’t husky the ring of the bells?


And why, every minute and instant,

My heart is divided in two?

I know that she is in distance,

But feel her right near me, too.


Here they are, the snowy clouds,

I can’t take my eyes from all that:

Right now, shall merge our routs

In snows, so white and so dead.


Right now will be silently bound

And newly unbound our sleighs.

We’ll hear the bell’s common sound

In a instant of sadness and pains…


We’d heard…But we’ll not any more

Have meeting in this hazy night…

In the circle of anguish and woe

I wander on my path of blight…


They faded, the last bands of reddish,

Like whispers of prayers in night,

O tale, such seductive and maddish,

What else do you want of this heart?

When the weary night is fled,

And the morning sky is red,

Then my heart doth rise and say,

‘Surely she will come today.’


In the golden blaze of noon,

‘Surely she is coming soon’

In the twilight, ‘Will she come?’

Then my heart with fear is dumb.


When the night wind in the trees

Plays its mournful melodies,

Then I know my trust is vain,

And she will not come again.



Let me kiss that special kiss

The one that’s more than touch

That gentle pressing of the lips

Persuading blood to rush


The kiss that makes you tremble

And makes your legs go weak

A moist embrace of tenderness

That takes you to your peak


With a heady scent of passion

It makes your body sway

The kiss that penetrates your soul

And takes your breath away


It lingers for a lifetime

You never will forget

The bursting of your senses

When our emotions met.

Just Home and Love! the words are small

Four little letters into each;

And yet you will not find in all

The wide and gracious range of speech

Two more so tenderly complete:

When angels talk in Heaven above,

I’m sure they have no words so sweet

Than Home and Love.


Just Home and Love! it’s hard to guess

which of the two were best to gain;

Home without Love is bitterness;

Love without Home is often pain.

No! each alone will seldom do;

Somehow they travel hand and glove:

If you win one you must have two,

Both Home and Love.


And if you’ve both, well then I’m sure

You ought to sing the whole day long;

It doesn’t matter if you’re poor

With these to make divine your song.

And so I praisefully  repeat,

When angels talk in Heaven above,

There are no words more simply sweet

Than Home and Love.