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Ebony is my name

I come from royal fame

This is what I was told

My face has many folds

Yet I have a spark

Would love to run in the park

I was very blessed

And I must confess

I am a princess

But now I live under stress

Because I ended up here

And live in constant fear

Not used to this situation

Can’t hide my frustration

Waiting for salvation

Will appreciate very much

If someone will come in and touch

There is no more left to say

Thank you, Ebony Shar Pei.

Sometimes I nap

Sometimes I snap

Sometimes I dream

Sometimes I scream

My behavior is extreme

And I can’t stop

Because of that shop

A shop for pets

With a lot of dogs and cats

I am not a team player

And I like to be the mayor

Or at least the boss

Won’t step on anyone’s  paws

I promise I will behave

By the way my name is Dave!


I wasn’t styled

And I look wild

Look at my face

Never was embraced

Growing up in the shop

Never bathed with soap

Don’t even have a friend

It is hard for me to blend

Because I can not pretend

And look like I am content

I have a wish:

To eat from my own dish

Sleep in my own bed

Where I can put down my head

This why I was bred

And find love and respect

With human beings I’ll connect

So, if there’s someone who hears

I beg you, wiping tears

Hope I will get an answer

By the way, my name is Spencer.