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My hair are long

Don’t get me wrong

I am not a hippie

Know where to make pee-pee

Walk don’t crawl

Can curl into a ball

But I have a goal

Which I would like to achieve

To find a place to live

Here I am a captive

Would be glad

To sleep in my own bed

And stop feeling sad

By the way my name is Ed.


We play

All day

We eat

We greet

Hello, I am Pete

We roll

We crawl

Into the bowl

And I am Nicole

But this is not the norm

It is only when we perform

Here we are in detention

We need your attention

To show you that we are smart

Please take it to heart

Find us a home

Where we can freely r0am

Thanks from NicoleĀ  and Pete

This will be very sweet…

People make a fuss

When they see us

Because we look alike

He is Spike and I am Mike

We both like to hike

And also ride a bike

But we are stuck

So far no luck

We would love to elope

It is very hard to cope

And we are losing hope

Please, adopt us both

We promise under oath

The love you will receive will be double

And you won’tĀ have any trouble

We will never, ever start a strike

Best wishes, Spike and Mike!!!