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My name is Peanut

And I am a mutt

That is that!!!

Some think I am a rat

Or even worse they call me a freak

But my parents told I am unique

It is just I was born mixed

By the way I am also fixed

I may look a little different

But I take it as a compliment

People are so ignorant!!!

I am very well behaved

My long hair can be shaved

I would love to be saved

From this place where I am chased

If you fall in love with me

You will not regret it, I guarantee

Please consider it

I am very sweet

Thank you from me, Peanut

The mutt







My name is Lexi

But I am called sexy

I don’t know why

In reality I am shy

Usually I pass by

When I see a boy

I will share my toy

No more than that

Nothing I will regret

Maybe it is the pose

That gets me so many beaus

They don’t interest me at all

Because I have a goal

To find a place to live

I am staying positive

Trying to keep attractive

In order to be adapted

If you are looking for a girl like me

You can DM me



Yes, you guessed, my name is Pumpkin

I may look a little chunky

But it’s because I don’t exercise

And keep getting big in size

Would love to go for a walk

Maybe just around the block

And then gladly I would talk

We can have some fun

I will put my hair in a bun

And even try to run

Then I will just stop

Never go back to the shop

I hope someone will adopt me

So I can be happy and free

You will be happy too

Merci, gracias, thank you