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It is here

The New Year

The twenty nineteens

And then it begins

Resolutions, Resolutions

Are there some Solutions

For all those decisions and desires

Which after a week or two they expire


Losing weight

This is great

Tighten the core

Go for

Look for a better job

Travel the globe

To make more money

Being nicer to the honey

Ok, all this is nice

When it is left to your own device

But I have some advice

I know I wasn’t asked

But I am up to the task

Most resolutions are about Me and I

So why?

How about volunteering,

It can be very endearing

Or maybe donate books for reading

Collect coats for the freezing

Or mentor a child in need

All of this is considered a good deed

So when we celebrate with champagne

Nothing should be in vain

And when we kiss at midnight

We must remember to do what is right

Cheers, Cheers, Cheers

Let’s be fierce

And be humble

So the resolutions won’t crumble!!!