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Ebony is my name

I come from royal fame

This is what I was told

My face has many folds

Yet I have a spark

Would love to run in the park

I was very blessed

And I must confess

I am a princess

But now I live under stress

Because I ended up here

And live in constant fear

Not used to this situation

Can’t hide my frustration

Waiting for salvation

Will appreciate very much

If someone will come in and touch

There is no more left to say

Thank you, Ebony Shar Pei.


His name is Bingo

He speaks his own lingo

And dressed in layers

No, he is not a player

But he is a sprayer

You know what I mean

It has to be direct and clean

To cover all that green

And to know how to lean

He perfected his routine

Doesn’t make a scene

He is only three pounds

Very close to the ground

People are always astound

When he is around

He is five years old, not a puppy

And his owners are very lucky